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Majid Jammoul

Majid Jammoul Born 1948 – Rimat Hazem – Souieda - Syria

* Studied art in the Center of Plastic Arts- Ministry of Culture- in Damascus 1964 –1968.
* Studied Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 1969 –1975.
* Acquired Master of Arts degree in Sculpture with distinction from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts 1975.
* Scholarship of D.A.A.D. (Academic Exchange) in Germany in 1987.
* Artistic research at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 2005-2006.

•    A member of The Fine Arts Association in Syria from 1975.
•    A member of The Polish Union of Plastic Artists in Poland.
•    A member of The International Association of Art IAA-AIAP UNESCO    
•    A lecturer at Department of Sculpture- Faculty of Fine Arts –Damascus University from 1975-81.
•    Director of Adham Ismail Center of Plastic Arts in Damascus from 1981 –1990.
•    Vice-President of Fine Arts Association in Syria 1981-1991.
•    A member of the Executive Council of Fine Arts Association in Syria till 1998.
•    Vice-Director in the Department of Theatres and Music, Ministry of Culture from 1992.
•    President of Sculpture Section of Warsaw branch of Polish Union of Plastic Artists in Poland.
•    A member of the Executive Council of Polish Fine Arts Association ZPAP in Warsaw.

•    1st Prize for sculpture at Damascus University Students’ Art Exhibition in 1968.
•    1st Prize for sculpture at the 1st Exhibition of Foreign Students of Plastic Arts Higher Schools in Poland in 1971, and 2nd Prize in 1972.
•    1st Prize in Competition for Relief Projects at the Central Martyrs’ Cemetery in Najha 1977.
•    2nd Prize (dual) in competition for Unknown Soldier Monument in Damascus in 1980.
•    1st Prize in competition for Martyrs in Jaramana in 1996.
•    The Golden Medal at the 10th International Festival of Plastic Arts in Al-Mahras –Tunisia 1997

•    International Sculpture Symposium – Antalia Festival Turkey \July 1977.
•    International Sculpture Symposium – International Center of Contemporary Sculpture-Orońsko–Poland \July, August 1986.
•    International Festival of Plastic Arts Al-Mahras Tunisia \ July 1997.
•    1st Damascus Sculpture Symposium \September 1997.
•    3rd Damascus Sculpture Symposium \September1999.
•    International Meeting of Stone Sculpture Menet \ July 2000-France.
•    5th Changchun International Sculpture Symposium China 2001\July,August.
•    2nd International Sculpture Symposium in Lattakia-Syria 2002.
•    1st Sculpture Symposium –International Damascus Fair 2002.
•    15th International Festival of Plastic Arts in Al-Mahras –Tunisia 2003.
•    1st International Sculpture Symposium – Dubai – UAE 2004.
•    1st International Sculpture Symposium – Cordoba – Spain 2004.
•    1st International Sculpture Symposium – Twhheran – Iran 2007.
•    1st International Sculpture Symposium- Suweida _ Syria 2008.
•    Art Konfrontacje Symposium Warsaw 2010 Poland.

•    Exhibitions of Centers of Plastic Arts in Syria 1964, 1965,1966,1967,1968.
•    Individual exhibition at The International Book and Press Club in Warsaw 1975. 
•    Annual Art Exhibitions in Syria from 1975.(Ministry of Culture ,Association of Fine Arts).
•    Lattakia International Biennale of Arts Syria 1993, 1995, 1997,1999.
•    2nd International Biennale of Fine Arts in Oman- Masqat 2000.
•    Group Exhibitions 1972 - 2005, in Syria and abroud.
•    Syrian Contemporary Art Exhibitions in several countries (in Asia, Africa, Europe).
•    Works sculptures and monuments in Syria (Najha, Damascus, Souieda, Jubata, Jaramana).
•    Works in possession of Damascus National Museum, Ministry of Culture, Gallery at Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw, Museum of Contemporary Sculpture in Oronsk –Poland, private

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