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Betool Fekaiki

She is  one of the generation of artists who trained in the 1960s in Iraq. For over thirty years she has tried to produce works of art which give material form to her personal and artistic views of the world .
Her paintings are musical, symbolic and realistic. This is not a direct and bare realism but a mixture of the real within the symbolic and poetic world of the canvas. It is, in other words, a kind of personal symbolism, based on experience, and woven in an apocalyptic way.
 painting is a key to unlock the internal world or the private sphere which would be impenetrable otherwise.
she doesn't like to hide the keys to her soul's many gates and she doesn't veil the thoughts which her inner world is rich with.
Her art is concerned with desire and loss, with distance and nearness and with memories and hopes. It is as such because she believe that it is a human right to express herself without the slightest fear. Accordingly, one can be fully responsible for one's soul and one's very own self.

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